Had alot of folks in the last few days ask questions about this topic, So i figured why not do a video that explains it and breaks it down.

Things you will learn here.
How to look up information on your battery
Amp rating and what that means to you.
Dealing with a venting battery and signs of that.
reference sites
http://www.tasteyourjuice.com/wordpress/battery-information/ this is the battery informationg page i used in the video

http://www.onlineconversion.com/ohms_law.htm the caculator i used during the video

Things to rember is current = amps this is what you want to make sure you do not go over your batteries amp raiting. example the efest 2000mah imr18650 3.7v LI-MN is rated at 10A on tasteyourjuice.com site.
so if i have a .5 ohm coil using voltage at 3.7 volts my current would be 7.4 so that would fall under the 10amp rating of the battery this would be safe for me to use.

Another example same battery. with 10amp rating
0.3ohm at 3.7volts i would be using 12.3 amps. This would not be safe for me to use.