::EDIT:: It’s a good idea to check your resistance ( ohms ) BEFORE you attempt to glow and fiddle with your coils. The resistance will change as your coils get more even. So check before, then check again after. Thanks.

Hey everyone! If i’m being 100% honest. I mostly shot this video for my brother who recently got into the world of rebuilding. He was really struggling with it. Rebuilding has become such second nature to me that I often forget how it feels to be building for the first time and that sense of frustration that sets in quickly. So hopefully some other people will find this video helpful.

Rebuilding honestly just takes practice and patience. ANYONE can do a solid simple build that will produce both great flavor and large clouds ( if you want )

The build in this video came out to 0.3ohms, which will work great on a mech mod, or on a higher wattage regulated device like the Sigelei 150w or iStick 50w

I used 24g Kanthal, 6 wraps around a 2.5mm screwdriver.

Below I have links to most everything I used in this video. Including some “beginner friendly” RDA atomizers.

Precision screw drivers

Wire Clippers

24g Kanthal

Organic Japanese Cotton

Unfortunately the VapeKit has been discontinued. They are doing a V2 kit, but in the meantime check this one out

Coil Master DIY Kit V2

Some good RDA’s for new builders IMO

Mutation X V4

The Mako


Thanks so much for watching everyone! hope this is helpful.

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