FDA Deeming Regs DeMISTified webinar with @VapinGreek and VTA’s Tony Abboud.

0:15 Introductions
1:30 Aaron Biebert A Billion Lives Webinar June 6th
2:50 Background on the Vapor Technology Association (VTA)
4:45 Vape and the FDA Conference in Washington DC
7:15 Illinois Age Restriction on Smoking
8:22 Difference Between Cole/Bishop Amendment and HR2058
11:00 VTA Strategy to Support Cole/Bishop Amendment
15:15 Is the Cole/Bishop Amendment Permanent?
16:30 What to do After Cole/Bishop
17:30 Requirements under Cole/Bishop
19:35 What’s Next for VTA?
20:30 Introduction to Dimitris Agrafiotis @VapinGreek
23:10 Chinese Interest in Vaping Market
25:00 Plans for SEVIA to Operate in UK
26:40 Starting a State-Level Advocacy Group
28:30 New Jersey Flavor Ban
30:00 Recent Victories in Vaping Industry
31:45 Advocacy Advice for Consumers Getting Started
33:30 Moving Forward Thoughts

34:40 Is there any chance vapor and tobacco could be regulated separately?
39:20 Are there any states that have tried to enforce that vape stores carry a tobacco retailer’s permit?
42:30 If Congressman Cole thought HR2058 was “dead” wouldn’t he withdraw the bill?
47:40 Is there a strategy for an injunction against the FDA?
52:00 Comments on Senator Johnson and his letter to the FDA
54:54 Final Thoughts

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