What is an e-cigarette?

A battery powered system that contain small reservoir of nicotine and delivers odourless and safe vapour while smoking. It looks and feel exactly similar to your older cigarette, but includes no hazardous chemicals or carbon monoxide which is dangerous for environment. The best part of electronic cigarette is that it arrives in various flavours such as raspberry, cherry, vanilla, chocolate etc.

History of E-cig

The electronic cigarette principle was first introduced by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 and initially it was referred to as electronic non-tobacco cigarette … to provide a safe and sound and safe means for and method of smoking by replacing burning tobacco. Due to the limitations of technology the thought of manufacturing such gadget did not come up.

The modern day electronic cigarette was first developed by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 and it was released same year in the market. The company later started exporting its products in 2005-2006, before receiving the first international patent in 2007. Now e-cigarette is well-known all over the world and is in great demand amongst those who are not able to quit smoking after trying hard.

How do electric cigarettes perform?

The kit of electric cigarettes consist of of a standard rechargeable battery or batteries, an atomizer coil that is warmed by the battery, and a container containing refill liquid. When you smoke the cigarette the heating component vaporizes the liquid and produces a mist. You draw or pull air through it just like a tobacco cigarette.

Benefits of E-cigs

* Free from Tobacco and Tar residue

* They do not include tobacco, tar, or the thousands of additives and chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes include the nicotine that satisfies your craving without the chemical substances and carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes.

* Discharge no dangerous Smoke

* Electric cigarettes do not generate dangerous smoke. Tobacco smoke includes many chemicals, including tar and Carbon Monoxide, which can cause lung cancer and respiratory distress. Electronic cigarettes generate only odourless and harmless. The water fumes vanishes within few seconds leaving behind no toxic second hand smoke.

* Environmentally friendly

* Smokeless cigarettes are atmosphere friendly and are allowable in particular public places like bars, restaurants, and airports etc where tobacco cigarettes are prohibited.

* Cost-effective

* Electronic cigarettes are a lot more cost effective and more hassle-free than traditional cigarettes. Smokers can save up to 80% on average smoking costs. Moreover we deliver it to your door step, saving you the time and expense of travelling to the store.

* Safe and sound and departs no marks

* They are non flammable and do not produce ashes. A sensor activates and starts automatically when you puff the cigarette. You can keep e-cig in your pocket or purse. As it is not flammable so there is no burning of your clothing or furniture!

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