Whats kinda sad is that some missing attributes

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Most of the Animal Crossing New Horizons Items updates that have happened so far were just to include things that were already in new foliage, and not one of the new features are memorable.New Horizons just has hardly any engaging content IMO. Following a month of admittedly very fun times with the match, I had little to no urge to pick it back up. Vastly prefer Stardew Valley.

I also find it hilarious that one single indie dev created a 20 life sim/farming gameg that'd more content on discharge than ac does now

Careful. Saying this in the AC thread leads to despise. People really need to mention this game has no defects...

I do my daily rock bell and hitting uttered, but then I have nothing else to do. Villagers don't communicate much. You are gated by DIY jobs (I have still yet to get anything to get a proper kitchen). Swimming is nice. . It just feels"meh."

Still play with it, but I'm also very comfortable just letting times go by (sometimes weekly or two ) until I bother to log , again.I believe the only reason why my comment still has positiv karma is since I drew a direkt contrast. AC:NH isnt a bad game, it just lacks a lot of things people who played with the 3DS name came to anticipate.

Whats kinda sad is that some missing attributes feel like they are not missing but are blatantly tedious (buying stuff in bulk, not being able to craft stuff out of storage, crafting materials in bulk, no shopping cart for clothes, not having the ability to maneuver town hall - just to name a few) to pad playtime.

But I'm sure these issues will be resolved given time.Are we studying the same threads? I see nothing but folks complaining the game they place 300 hours into has no content. I have never heard anyone call this match perfect.

Classic Reddit: Sharing a common opinion but tagging it as uncommon so people may feel subversive without cheap Animal Crossing Bells needing to be subversive.I meanI won't bother to do a full answer since you haven't contributed much?