Every Turkey Day DIY Crafting Recipes & Items in Animal Crossing

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On the occasion of Turkey Day, Animal Crossing: New Horizons released many new DIYs to celebrate the annual holiday. These DIYs need unique formulas to make. Therefore, if players want to obtain these DIYs, they must first obtain the recipe. Let's take a look at these DIYs together.

Recipes typically and ACNH Buy Items are unlocked by performing Turkey Day cooking activities for Franklin amongst people. This means that players should actively try Turkey Day.

The first will be Turkey Day Casserole. This is a warm small fall flower pot through an orange lid. Once unlocked, you need five iron nuggets and something piece of clay to develop it. The second will be the Turkey Day Chair. These are simple curved wooden chairs that have a tartan padded seat. Once unlocked, you need five bits of standard wood, two items of hardwood, and two waste softwood to create one. The third will be Turkey Day Decorations. These are some tiny orange and yellow balloons, a carafe brimming with wheat, two candles, as well as a framed pumpkin card.


The fourth will be the Turkey Day Garden Stand. This is a simple greek styled mortar or clay planting pot. Once unlocked, players will require eight stones and three waste clay to craft it. The fifth will be the Turkey Day Hearth. This is a classic local fireplace with little autumn leaves along the top of the ports. Once unlocked, players need a campfire, 10 waste clay, and 30 stones to construct one.

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