Sharing of Installation Skills for Container Movable House

Sharing of Installation Skills for Container Movable House

Today, I brought you the installation skills of Expandable Container Houses. what are you waiting for? come and have a look.

The movable house tells us through summary that the installation of the container movable house is similar to that of a building. It is necessary to level the surrounding and partition wall foundation and use reinforced concrete. Because reinforced concrete is relatively strong, then we use transverse beams to connect the framework, and then we use partition boards, exterior wall panels and door window frames to lay the floor, then install a layer upwards, and then roof truss and roof panel.

Concealed work of container mobile house refers to the interior decoration of the parts that will be covered up by the next process after the completion of the previous process during the construction process and cannot be inspected after the completion of the whole process. The "concealed work" is very important. If the "concealed work" is not done well, it is futile to decorate the surface beautifully.

Let's briefly introduce the so-called "hidden project", which can be divided into water installation, electricity installation, moisture prevention, waterproof and other projects. Each project is very important and cannot be ignored. If there is a problem in any link, it may cause serious economic losses and even harm to personal safety. It is necessary to identify the construction technology and materials of waterproof engineering to avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries.

When the container mobile house is built, the original buildings on the construction site must be used first, which can reduce the corresponding costs. We attach great importance to these details, pay attention to the points, and insist on starting in an appropriate way. Considering the actual situation, the movable house should be built as close to the construction site as possible.

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