Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be in its early days of release

Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be in its early days of release

On Flick and CJ being your initial same-sex couple zero take-backsies, dangit Nintendo. They are animal crossing items new horizons gay and that's okay!

As a bit of a recap, there's a lot of proof in New Horizons that will lead a sane human being to assume CJ and Flick are lovers. First, CJ refers to Flick because his"partner," a term generally reserved for attorneys, physicians, and same-sex couples. Since neither CJ nor Flick possess a degree or have passed the pub, that leaves us with the last likelihood of them being gay.

Second of all, they have known each other since they were children and live with one another. From the English version, there's a"Did You Know?" Surrounding the relationship status of Flick and CJ.

"As an artist, he helps CJ build his streaming crowd by supplying stellar art to dedicated anglers. However, Flick's authentic artistic muse is that the area of entomology." So in this scenario, the word"partners" is actually referring to a company partnership. However, Flick and CJ still reside together and are clearly very close.

Sorry Nintendo, we are still calling bull. Doesn't mean that we are likely to buy it because you are trying to throw Flick and CJ back into the closet. Plus, there's already WAY too much excellent fan art of nothing, and these two cuties is ever going to change this.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Memes That Prove Animal Crossing Fans Will Be The most funny

Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be in its early days of release, but the sport has become the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch sport in Japan. There are definitely lots of jokes and relatable experiences with so many people enjoying with the sport around the planet. The creativity of Animal Crossing fans knows no bounds: whether it's the most beautiful terraformed islands, the cutest dress layouts, or even the funniest memes, there'll always be new creations from one of Nintendo's most creative fandoms. Listed below are memes that show that Animal Crossing players would be the funniest on the market.

A classic meme given an Animal Crossing spin, this screenshot in the VeggieTales TV series has been used in countless ways. The ones are Peacock Butterflies, who flock to any flower that is hybrid. It is downright comical these butterflies appear to spawn from nowherebut not unwelcome like door-to-door salesmen are. These bugs are so typical that it is no hard feat to catch a dozen Peacock Butterflies in under 10 minutes, if it is cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items the right time of day, needless to say.