Vaping is the future… Wait, what? What is “vaping”? Although this word has been used quite a lot as of late, you might not have heard about it until this very moment. Vaping refers to the act of inhaling a vapor, much like the word “smoking” refers to the act of inhaling smoke. By now, we all know what smoking involves, but what about vaping?

The reason for turning a product, such as an herb, into a vapor is to give the user the same effects of smoking but without the harmful side effects. Medicinal marijuana, for example, can be used in a machine called a vaporizer. Studies have shown that the user would require less herb than smoking it the traditional way to get the same effect. In addition, turning the marijuana into a vapor either reduces or eliminates any volatile compounds and other toxins found in the marijuana mixture.

The vaporizer can be used for medicinal, cooking, and personal purposes, such as aromatherapy. In regards to cooking, certain herbs can only be heated up to a certain degree or cannot be put into the meal that the cook is preparing. With a vaporizer, the machine can heat up the herb without overcooking it and compromising its quality and efficiency.

Another tool that can be used for vaping is the electronic cigarette, a device that was created by a Chinaman in 2004 and has skyrocketed to fame overnight. The e-cigarette, as the industry refers to it, mimics the look and feel of but eliminates the harmful side effects associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. While the liquid solution that is turned into a vapor does contain nicotine, it only contains about 10 to 20 ingredients and doesn’t cause thousands of chemicals to be present in the smoke when the solution is heated up.

While it seems that the majority of people have welcomed these products with open arms because of the products’ efficiency and usefulness, others have not and have been quick to question its safety. Some medical professionals will argue that not enough tests have been performed on the e-cigarette to ensure its usage, but other professionals see the device as no different from a nicotine patch or inhaler. Still, others question if the e-cigarette’s different flavored liquid cartridges will attract non-smokers to start smoking, children included, but the other half claims that kids cannot afford to buy an e-cigarette and will not be seen with such a device because it is not “cool enough”.

Regardless, it does not look like these vaping products will be going anywhere any time soon. People have realized the benefits of such products, and it won’t come as a surprise if these products start popping up everywhere you go.

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