When Mark Twain wasn’t writing about boys whitewashing a fence and jumping frog contests, he was making clever observations like, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” For most smokers, that’s closer to the truth than they care to admit. If Mark Twin had had the advantage of e-cigarettes, that quote could have been different.

A History Lesson

Modern Electronic cigarettes were developed in 2003, although they didn’t make it to the U.S. market until 2006. They are credited as being the brainchild of Chinese pharmacist. In reality, the first type of smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette was first patented in 1963. Yes, smokers have a long history of love-hate relationships with their cigarettes.

Smoke Substitutes

When e-cigs were developed, they were simply thought of as a healthier substitute for tobacco cigarettes. They were not thought of as a cessation device, but, amazingly, for many life-long smokers, that’s what they have become.

Unlike other methods used by smokers who are trying to quit, ecigs address both the physical and psychological needs of the smoker.

Nicotine patches and gum deliver the nicotine you crave, but they are not at all like smoking. Going “cold turkey” to quit smoking can work, but you’re afraid you’ll end up facing life in prison for homicide. Plus, any of those methods tends to have accompanying weight gain. You’re trying to get rid of the baggage of smoking, not add extra baggage to your gut!

How They Work

E-cigarettes look remarkably like what you are used to using. You hold them the same way. You take drags on them the same way. But there is absolutely no tobacco in e-cigs!

Since there is no tobacco, you don’t smoke them. Instead, they hold a nicotine-containing cartridge of liquid, which become a vapor. So, instead of smoking, it is called “vaping”.

The vapor produced looks like smoke, but it certainly doesn’t smell like it! The vapor does not contain all of the carcinogens known to harmful in cigarette smoke. It will not bother those around you, unless you encounter someone with a fear of vapor, which is doubtful!

Stop Sending Smoke Signals

Whether you use them as a permanent substitute for your smoking habit, or you use them as a method to stop using cigarettes altogether, there are top electronic cigarettes available. You can buy electronic cigarettes online, which make them as convenient as they are practical!

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